Why a Culture Box?

Cultural Pariah
Living as an immigrant has its own advantages and disadvantages. From a cultural perspective, immigrants find themselves aloof due to the various differences. Holidays and festivals when not centered around business are most challenging because the immediate environment doesn’t always reflect the culture you want you and your family to be surrounded with.

Culture engine driver
Creating that environment yourself requires sourcing for different things. And planning… way ahead of time. Sometimes, a lack of direction of traditions or how-tos from immediate family that are across time zones also comes in the way. Whether immigrant, first or second generation Indian, you have a strong desire to hold onto your roots.

Theatrical manager
Having to source everything you might need to create some semblance of an Indian festival at home is a challenge. From music to recipes or props for activities — each selected carefully to suit your preferences while continuing daily tasks is a handful.

Integrated Authenticity?
Orchestrating traditions across the year for multiple festivals can become a lot of effort. Slowly, the holidays celebrated get cut down. It becomes easier to celebrate that which is mainstream. And slowly you begin to question your identity.

Cultural Care package
A beautifully designed, regionally sourced cultural care package— like one sent by your mom or aunt. It holds everything you would need to celebrate the traditions you grew up with. End your search in the Ethnic or specialty aisle — have it delivered to your home!

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