Wellness Workshops

Culture Box now offers a series of Indian culture-based workshops for companies, organizations, and educational institutions. A rise in anxiety levels of employees is affecting productivity and losses for companies. These wellness workshops allow you and your employees to engage and connect with each other in a different way. Workshops are conducted on your premises. The duration of the workshops varies based on the level selected.

Benefits of the workshops:

Rangoli workshop for 80 Cobb County Elementary school Art teachers.
  • Awareness of a new culture — it’s artistic traditions and philosophy.
  • An activity that is fun as a group can be a huge morale booster.
  • Focus on an art-based activity that requires some level of skill reduces stress.
  • A refreshed mind is always more productive when back at work.
  • Social play and interaction improves team communication and dynamics.
  • The take-away which is usually a piece of art gives a feeling of achievement to the participant and a reminder of good team spirit.

Leadership Workshops:
There will be an overview of various artistic traditions from India. The content from the workshop will also promote discussions about the differences in the thought process of a different market and those from another culture. These sessions are designed specifically to engage the leadership in a fun and productive manner. Stress reduction and authentic communication are often the by-products of the workshops.

Artwork made by one of the participants.

Employee Workshops:
These are 2-hour workshops for employees where they learn about a traditional art form from India and try their hand at it. Workshops can be customized to encourage team work or individual creation time. The session would leave the employees feeling engaged in an artistic pursuit, taking their mind away from the deadlines and work they are entrenched in. Leaving them refreshed to get back with new ideas and an open mind. They also take away a beautiful piece they have created. The conversations during and after the workshop develop positive team interactions.

De-stress with Culture:
Please contact me if you think these workshops would benefit your leadership team or employees. Sessions can be customized. Cost of the workshop varies on type and duration of the session and the number of attendees.
— Gauri Misra-Deshpande
Founder, Culture Box
678-536-5547 / indianculturebox@gmaildotcom

Rangoli design

Workshops offered:

  • “Make a mark” — Traditional Indian tattoos with henna.
  • “Evey bit makes a difference” — Rangolis with colored sand.
  • “Story-telling with wood blocks” — Traditional wood block printing.
  • “The tales of the Warli” — a tribe with it’s own visual language. Mixed media.