We hope the “Culture Box” becomes a tool for families to share and pass on traditions. Here is what a couple people who got the “Culture Box” had to say!

“I think the most memorable thing of the Indian Cultural Box is that it enables us to have conversations that we otherwise would not have had. While engaging with a box, my kids have asked questions like “Am I Indian?” “Are you Indian?” “How many of us are there?” “Does everybody do this?” “Can we do it this way?” We get to discuss Indian culture/traditions and how our multicultural family fits into this larger picture. It’s been really great.”
— Christina Mehta


“For the most part, the “Culture Box” brought up a discussion about the Diwali that I spent in India. We talked about the fireworks, spending time with my cousins and the food. He wanted to know why food was so important (including why his Ba cooks all the time). I told him it was her way of showing love.”  — Payal Patel